Install packagesProduction/BetaRelease DateDescription
Install packagesProduction/BetaRelease DateDescription
CPST. 30, 2022
Updates since production release

Extended account ctrl symbol trade start/stop time.
Quote Replay: Bug fix for day chart duplicated date.
Chart - Removed position avgcost line for positions with 0 qty.
Complex order can now be recorded into log file with the source of entry if placed from complex order window.
Chart - Bug fix - Volume by price study daily interval has bars missing when drawing in small area
Bug fix - Right clicking TMP button on options chain not working.
Bug fix - Main window toolbar icons sometimes messed up.
Increased menu items spacing in dark and blue theme.
Bug fix - Montage order template not loaded correctly when using new style config window.
CPST. 23, 2022
Updates since beta release

CMDAPI: Order route can be set from NEWORDER's route parameter directly.
CMDAPI: Added support for options tms quotes.
CMDAPI: Added "Minume" for AON/N Held parameters for new order.
For Admin/Position window, added Expire date for options symbols.
Screenshot file now can be saved with active Montage window symbol (hotkey only)
Bug fix - Price alert can't set negative price.
Hide default not tradable routes from montage and short locate route list.
Expanded short locate info message field.
Expanded short locate symbol box for longer symbol.
Replay: Updated to show position avgcost line on chart.
CPST. 16, 2022
Updates since version

Increased symbol length for Short Locate window.
Fixed some display bugs in complex opitons window.
Quote Replay: Hide '8:00' label if symbol has no data at 8:00.
Added "Allow trade after position stop gain triggered" option for position stop gain under account risk ctrl window.
Improved performance for complex options window.
Bug fix - Windows flicker when switching between windows.
Quote Replay: Added "Fwd" button for forward replay.
Changed RiskCtrl config window to new style config window.
Added blance % alert for Account monitor.
Added column Alert to show alert status in Account Monitor.
Screen Recorder:
Added incorrect status notification when failed to download zip file.
Fixed warning messages C4482 and C4005.
Bug Fix - Failed to get the active sybmol.(both in Hotkeys and Screen Recorder window)
Bug Fix - Rect info was not saved into cfg file immediately after selected screen area for Screen Recording.
Bug Fix - Rect info was not saved into cfg file immediately after selected screen area for screenshot.
Removed old style config dialog.
Trend lines draw more accurately now when switching from higher time frame to lower time frame.
Bug fix - Volume by price study disappears when zooming in.
Bug fix - Volume by price study "daily interval" option doesn't display for several beginning intervals.
Bug fix - HideTrendlines hotkey sometimes not working during pre-market.
Bug fix - Last candle bar sometimes doesn't refresh after loading .cst file.
CPST. 07, 2022
Updates since beta release

Increased performance for Account monitor window.
Updated Level 1 short indicator display format: LocateStatus(S/HTB/SPB).SSRStatus(SSR).HaltStatus(P/T)
CMDAPI: Return original order id (origoid) in %ORDER data.
Quote replay: bug fix - order open share not updated after replacing order.
Admin Short Locate window: Added filter function.
CMDAPI: Added commands "GET AccountInfo" and "$AccountInfo" to request account's equity, PL and fees etc.
Added new Share hotkey script with format "Share=1000/StopPrice".
Short Locate: Symbol box is uppercase by default now.
Added snap feature for trend lines which will snap to 0.1 price increment.
- Pressing Shift key will snap to hi/lo of a candle bar
For stocks with price >1$, added option to draw horizontal grid line to 0.25 increament.
Share= hotkey should not be processed if chart window is not on focus.
Bug fix - Latest candle bar froze after loading cst file.
CPST. 16, 2022
Updates since official release

Added "Use Long Symbol" checkbox to options config window.
- Added verification to the value entered into the filter before saving.
- Added new FTimer filter.
- Bug fix: Corrected hour value for DST for "Expired Date".
Bug fix - Position window sometimes shows stock positions even when "display options positions" is selected.
Market Viewer window - added option to delete selected rows.
Added filter for group of traders in Admin->Trader Logons.
Admin Position window:
- Added bid/ask refresh;
- Added "AccNotes" and "AccCurrEQ" (account current equity) columns.
Added option to use new GUI for "Edit Risk Control" dialog of Account window.
CPST. 07, 2022
Updates since official release


Bug fix - FocusWindow hotkey does not work for "Dispay in all tabs" windows.
Added mouse scoll feature to time/sale window.
Added trend line gripper area size setting in Chart config dialog.
Bug fix - MFI study draws extra "80" on the right.
Added new interface for most chart studies' config dialogs
Added check box to turn on/off chart background stock symbol name text color saturation.


Fixed Account Monitor column EQ//WPL% sorting problem.
CMDAPI: Added support for complex order (COMPLEXORDER).
Replay mode: Added '8:00' and '10:00' labels for quick re-location.
Replay mode: Bug fix - time sale window not displaying valid exchange.
Added new column "Loc Cost" to account window.
Added support for trailing percentage for trigger order hotkey.
Added "Loc Cost" field to Account Report for short locate total cost.
Hotkeys are disabled when there is a pop up dialog (ex. configuration dialog)
Short Locate window:
- Add default locate share configure.
- Added option "Count in locate cost to Net PL" under "Trading Settings". If checked, locate cost will be counted into Net PL.
- Added "Montage" popup menu to link short locate current symbol to montage.
- Added //save//load latest 10 symbols to symbol field drop down.
- Allow to inquire price by "RETURN" key when edit focus on symbol field.
- Added option "Auto fill locate share field" to auto fill locate share from inquiry share.
Bug fix for trade allocation with percentage and not merging trades.


Bug fix - Montage lv2 not showing when lv1 bid or ask is 0;
Bug fix - When deleting alert items, rows that are not selected are also deleted.
Load/save quote replay window in layout file.
Added hotkey "SwitchAdvancedLadder" to turn on/off montage advanced ladder view.
Added more options for trade allocation.
Added hotkey "Share=Located" which will set montage share field to available locate shares.
Montage Level1 now displays (HTB) for securities that are not shortable.
Added option to save customized color in color pick window.
Bug fix - Fibo line show 0 line check box not saved.
Bug fix - Text trend line settings not copied when duplicate.
Volume by Price study - added option to draw in daily intervals.
Added AddAnchoredVWAP hotkey to draw multiple anchored VWAP.
Added mDataResetLock to NewChartStudyCfg::OnAdd() for possible crash fix.
Added inverted chart and hotkey ToggleInverseChart.
CPST. 11, 2022
CPST. 03, 2022
Updates since beta release

Bug fix - Market viewer window sometimes opens with extra empty rows.
Bug fix - HideTrendlineAll hotkey not working properly.
CPST. 23, 2022
Updates since beta version

Bug fix - Options chain window, when tradewnd is hidden, then the area is not displaying correctly.
Bug fix - For group windows, keyboard input sometimes only applies to last window.
Bug fix - Chart last sale price line color can't be configured.
Bug fix - Horizontal lines sometimes not drawing correctly in Volume area.
Added check box to show 0% Fibonacci line.
CMDAPI: Added "REPLACE" command for replacing orders.
Added "Exe" column to Orders window to display filled shares.
Added cancel hotkey scripts "CXL ABOVEEQAVGCOST" and "CXL BELOWEQAVGCOST" to include equal to avgcost.
Bug fix - Can't insert a new row when all rows are deleted in market viewer window.
Optimized advanced ladder view
- Added 5 seconds delay to auto center bid/ask if vertical scrollbar scrolled;
- Added option to merge lv2 bars if price step is greater than 0.01
- Added function to Zoom in/out with Ctrl+MouseWheel
CPST. 27, 2022
Updates since last beta release

Bug fix - WPos hotkey can't read negative coordinates.
Bug fix - Negative number sometimes not displayed correctly.
Bug fix - Relogin may cause crash sometimes.
Added SoundFile chart alert hotkey to set alert sound file.
Added ConfigTrendLine hotkey for Rectangle interior fill color and transparency.
Fixed positions line/label color issue.
CMDAPI: Added "CreateTime" field for positions (in this format: 2022/04/07-09:56:43).
For Order Templates window (New Cfg window):
(1) Added new item 'X ---Complex Order' in Exchange List.
(2) Disabled modified status in Exchange List .
(3) Set 'AON/ANY' and 'Account' to AllowEdit mode.
(4) Bug fix: Montage window->TMP button (right click), "Use Global Default" does NOT uncheck after "Apply This Setting To All Exchanges".
(5) Bug fix: Setup->Order templates, the value of sub items are not changed after switching Exchange, also can not save sub items.
CPST. 11, 2022
Beta release
CPST. 21, 2021
Updates since last official release

For NotRecycledLocateList, after admin added/removed a symbol, re-sync the list to clients.
Options Chain window: bug fix for Weekly/Monthly options color filling.
CMDAPI: Return condition field for time sale data ($T&S).
Added back heatmap for level 2
Short locate window: Fixed some alert sound playing issue.
Account window: Show Comma for float numbers.
Short locate window bug fix: Accept/Reject offer not work if no "Account" column.
Added configuration for short locate window default account/route.
CMDAPI: Added support for "POSREFRESH" in replay mode.
Added support for SLPRICEINQUIRE for all routes (ALLROUTE).
TradeSignal: Added two new filters 'Vol-Today Relative Volume %(Yesterday)' and "Vol-Today Relative Volume %(vs 30Day)" in common filters.
TradeSignal: Added two new columns 'RVOL %(vs yday)' and "RVOL (vs 30D)" in result window.
TradeSignal: Bug fix - Don't keep the ungroup window if 'Auto group window' enabled.
Added montage hotkey buttons file (.hkb) to backup zip file.
Hotkey script now supports 4096 characters.
CMDAPI: added VWAP, trades of the day and RVOL in level 1 quotes.
Basket Trader: Auto round limit price for %bid, ask, last+ operations.
Basket Order bug fix: "Bid+%N" changed to "Bid+N" after load from template file.
Added hotkey "CXL STOP" to cancel only stop orders.
Optmized options chain window performance.
Added "check naked options" hotkey
Added Squeeze Indicator.
Added option to show/hide account name for avg position line.
Bug fix - Trendline label not displaying correctly for volume study.
ResetTopBottomMargin hotkey can now reset vertical dragging too.
CPST. 22, 2021
Updates since last official release

Added position avg cost line to chart.
Price Study Line: added line width config.
Pivot point study: added line width config.
Volume by price study: added VAH and VAL.
Added hotkey to set VWAP anchor period.
Account Monitor bug fix: "Ignore this account" not working for disabling sound alerts.
CMDAPI update: For trailing stop order type processing in %ORDER, now uses comma as separator instead of space. (For exmple, TL:1 P:425.58 is now TL:1,P:425.58)
Bug fix: Orders and Trades window number columns are not sorting correctly.
Bug fix: Basket stop range order high/low price not switched if triggered by alert.
Short Locate window update: Allow locating less than 100 shares.
Bug fix: Options chain column width changes when switching symbol.
Show reminder for locate request for symbols with non short recycling.
Quote Replay: Updated CMDAPI quote refresh frequency.
CMDAPI: Added support for range market order (STOPRANGEMKT)
Added hotkey script "PRICE=OPEN", "PRICE=PCL" for open and previous close prices.
System Notice under Help manual now links to twitter.
Added manual item Knowledge Base under Help.
Show all MMIDs for ladder view.
Bug fix: Market viewer "$Val" can't sort.
CMDAPI: Added command $LDLU for limit up/down price.
Added function to search trader/account by permission.
ScreenRecorder: Added new config window for Screen Recorder.
ScreenRecorder: Bug fix: Faield to get Event List.
ScreenRecorder: Bug fix: order/trade events do not work when enabling checkbox 'RecordEvents'.
ScreenRecorder: Added option to set time step for Rewind and Forward, and updated "Play dialog".
ScreenRecorder: Bug fix: Failed to save audio devices.
ScreenRecorder: Added option to select directory for saving screenshot and video.
ScreenRecorder: Bug fix: hotkey: Failed to get value of IsRecordAudio when screen recorder window is opened.
Added option to filter trader by notes and security prompt for Admin->Trader Logon.
Changed Hi/Low ticker window volume display format. For example, 3567000 is now 3,567,000.
Bug fix: Text display is cut off in level1 area of Montage window when stock is halt.
Bug fix: Screen recorder does not allow user to select directory for recordings.
Bug fix: Double-clicking does not work in the chartstudy configuration window.
For trigger order hotkey script, added "PREF:RouteName" for specifying route of stop order.
For Admin Ticket window, added "ExeNum" column to display fill number.
Changed options symbol display format in Positon window.
Changed options symbol display format in Options Chain window.
Changed options symbol display format in Montage window.
Added chart lv1 yesterday close updating in replay mode.
Added hotkey "FixTags=tag1=value1|tag2=value2...".
CMDAPI: For NEWORDER command, added "Display=0/Num" parameter for iceberg/hidden order.
Added option to filter trader by notes and security prompt for Admin->Trader Logon window.
Added short locate command set to CMD API.
Updates for Short Locate window:
- Added option to customize column background/foreground colors.
- Inquire price for all routes.
- Added Popup menu for cancelling order/reject/accept offer.